Tailor-made website for a real estate developer

Responsive Web | UX/UI Design | Modern & clear visual

Market leader in real estate development

JTRE has over 21 years’ experience, more than 300 employees and many completed projects in 5 countries. The company is a market leader in real estate development in Slovakia and is also a key developer in CEE countries.

Individual projects were implemented into a simple & clean design

We transformed the client’s vision into a real assignment

We asked the representatives of J&T Real Estate what they demand and expect, then we wrote the assignment together.

First visual outputs clarify ideas & visions and save time and money

Elements that highlight the uniqueness of the company

We've transformed important information into clear figures and the company’s good reputation into testimonials and logos.


Rich company history in the form of a timeline

We did not want to just write about the company’s history, we wanted to show it! So, we created a clear timeline, highlighting important events. Take a look at the short version of that timeline below.


This portion of the Petržalka bank on the Danube will become a natural city gateway.


Eurovea’s next steps promise a fully-fledged city district with everything inherent to city life.




The project as an independent landing page

Every project subpage tells its story and acts as a business card that provides all basic information.


Perfect in all devices

We set up a special image resolution to ensure high quality and that the loading on every device is rapid, and also avoids gathering too much data.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Prototype
  • Web Development
  • Production
  • Testing

Let’s conquer the world together.